• Ahead in 2019

    Working in the studio under no pressure, no shows scheduled (for now). The Black Faun exhibition of 2018 was a big job. Time now for a slow-down. Another museum trip, now to New York and Washington DC, will happen in March. The December trip to Chicago and Houston and Austin were greatly rewarding. And then in June plan to hold an open studio on the first weekend of June. After that, to San Francisco and maybe Portland for more museum viewing. All of this travel funded by the generous Pollack-Krasner grant I was awarded in 2018. Forever grateful for it.

  • The newest news is this website. The site I depended on until now was very hard to keep updated. This one which I made in the program by "Other Peoples' Pixels" is a pieceacake. Which means that there will be no justification for not keeping it updated on a regular basis. We'll see.

  • Here’s what’s ahead in 2014:

    Change of Mind: I have decided not to participate in this year's North Coast Open Studios event. It takes place Saturday and Sunday, May 31-June 1, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. This time around I will have the pleasure of visiting other people's studios.

    July/September: Exhibition with California State University at Humboldt State’s First Street Gallery in Eureka.

    September/October: Exhibition of artist-made prints at the Plaza gallery in Arcata.