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about how the paintings are made

I make abstract paintings and focus on paint application, color and pattern. I employ a variety of media on a foundation of acrylic paint. Important aspects of my process are underpainting, and glazing with transparent layers of paint, both techniques that date from the fifteenth century. A few years ago I started incorporating “found” materials such as wallpaper and other commercially printed papers into my paintings. I also make my own printed materials so recent work integrates traditional painting techniques and imagery born of modern technology.

The process consists of three phases. First I paint on paper using an assortment of materials: acrylic paint first and then possible additions of pastel, colored pencil, graphite, inks and more acrylic. Some panels are striped, others patterned or monochromatic. The more I have of these panels and the larger the variety, the better able I am to fine tune color juxtapositions.

In the second phase the painted panels are joined and composed into paintings pinned temporarily to board. At this point they are being positioned and are subject to change. I stand the boards around my studio, fasten them to the walls, balance them on boxes and move the panels of color from one spot to another until some become strong, cohesive paintings, and others are put aside to be completed later.

In the last phase the resolved compositions are mounted on canvas, board, or heavy etching paper using an acrylic medium as adhesive and later three coats of invisible protective coatings which include ultra-violet filters are applied.

The Process